Hello everyone this is the end product.

I focused on giving clear and a short version of important information. When I found out about my gluten allergy, I was frustrated with all the information out there. I just wanted clear, easy to understand and NOT 200 pages of information. My book is for anyone who just needs clear and fast information. I hope you will enjoy the recipes, easy to cook and delicious. Enjoy 🙂




Personalized diet and exercise routines versus the best diets and trendiest workouts on the market. Which one is better? The question I always get from beginners. I think this a question every individual should answer on their own.

In my opinion, anything related to your health and wellness, the choices we make are very important. As an example, if you have a cold and you go to a drugstore to buy over the counter cold medicine, out of many options you pick one and start using it. Will it be the right one for you? Maybe it will be or maybe it will give you the bad side effects and you end up going back to the drugstore for a different cold medicine. On the other hand, going to your doctor would give you the right remedy and speedy recovery.

Personalized exercise routines and diets are the best because it is customized only for your special needs. Especially if you ever injured yourself, have health problems, pregnant or just in need of motivational support, personalized programs are great for you.

Other concerns related to personalized diet and exercise is the price. That is a concern for most people have but, we all have to make choices to spend our money to either for our wellbeing or to buy the stuff we never use or need. The choice is yours! For the right remedy and faster results in getting and being healthy personalized programs absolutely worth the time, effort and the money.
Our health is our real wealth.


Happy Holidays!

Hello Everybody

Today I want to share a link from indiegogo which belongs to my daughter. She has started a campaign to accomplish her dream of feeding everybody with healthy desserts. Since she was a little kid she has witnessed my struggle of finding the right food which wont affect my health and seeing me getting sick through my journey of getting back to health, which inspired her to bake desserts for me 🙂

She is a high school student and puts so much effort ,time ,energy and heart into baking and creating different flavors. She is determined to help everyone with food allergies by baking and reaching out to markets where everyone could find another healthy allergen free option. You can check out her campaign by clicking the link below.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones 💕



Yeast overgrowth!!!

What is the best way to get rid of unwanted guest, YEAST? In mostly carbohydrate based diets, yes that includes gluten free yummies too, is the real challenge to get rid of yeast. If you are thinking to yourself why am I not feeling better. Even though you are now on a gluten free diet and everything should be better right? Actually you are right you will be feeling better but there is a different side of the story. By replacing your pasta,bread,bagel,muffins,pizza and cookies with gluten free choices and consuming them too much because they are in your diet will be growing yeast in your body. The healthy way of any diet is a balanced approach and not going overboard with gluten free carbohydrate choices.When there is a yeast overgrowing in your system that affects everything and you could really feel sick. If you think you have symptoms of yeast overgrowth to name a few fatigue,sinus infections,digestion issues,fungal infection,mood swings etc. are the signs and symptoms to change your diet.

Limiting alcohol,medications,carbs is the first step and even a better option is to go on a yeast cleanse. Here are some helpful products ACV (apple cider vinegar), Yeast Cleanse from the company called Solaray, probiotics, coconut oil and fasting [it is free😉]

Flu season is coming

According to the information on CDC website “This time of year is called “flu season.” In the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter months. Influenza activity often begins to increase in October and November. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February and can last as late as May.” we are approaching flu season.What do we need to do to protect ourselves from flu?

My personal prevention approach has always been three most important supplements. Probiotics ,Vitamin C and Vitamin D are my defense system. Probiotics improves your immune system so your body can defend against unwanted guests. Vitamin C encourages production of white blood cells also acts as a protector for your cells from being damaged by free radicals and plays a great role in absorption of iron. When it comes to Vitamin D, the best source of this vitamin is the sun and winter times we don’t get enough sunlight.Especially if there is food allergies in the picture and a body has problems absorbing vitamins and minerals because of this reason is a big problem.

Best of all other than the information above 🙂  DON’T forget to wash your hands!!!




Do you like mushrooms? I have been researching about mushrooms for a long time and I want to share my opinion about AHCC. What is AHCC? Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC), is obtained from several subspecies of mushrooms.

Researchers in Japan, have developed and confirmed through studies that the mushroom supplement AHCC boosts the immune system, fights infections and prevents cancer. There are some testimonials examples like: clearing HPV (Human papillomavirus), boosting immune system during Chemotherapy, fighting inflammation etc. One important issue with this supplement is NOT to take AHCC if you’re allergic to mold or sensitive to mushrooms. If you want to give it a try, before you add it in your daily supplements,  please consult with your doctor if you are on any medication.


What are the psychological effects of strict gluten free diet? We have to constantly pay detailed attention to our diet and that takes an emotional toll. Nowadays we can find gluten free food everywhere, but this does not mean it gets any easier.

In some situations we have to explain our health condition to extended family, strangers, colleagues and wait staff.

Honestly even to this day unfortunately some people are still unaware of the bad affects of food allergies. You feel the need to explain everybody about your allergies in order for them to understand. You already had to change your eating habits and dealing with explanations to people daily basis is just draining and nerve wrecking.

The mind-body connection plays an important role on our health.

What do we do?

– A daily practice of your choice (meditation, prayer or stretching) can actually lower your stress levels.

– Adequate sleep (7-9 hrs.)

– Exercise (Endorphins released during exercise trigger positivity 🙂 )

– Support network

– Hobbies

As you keep your body healthy don’t ignore your emotional health. Healthy body + healthy mind = happy life 🙂