The beginning of my journey started at work lunch hour.Like everybody, who has a 9-5 job that involves sitting in front of a computer takes a toll on them but in my case it was even worse.I went out to have lunch and browsing what looks good to eat I decided to go with a slice of pizza.After 30 minutes of digesting here comes cramps,headache ,bowel problems ,dizziness and inability to work.

So I ended up taking of and going home this scenario happened to me after almost every lunch time and followed with dinner time as this progressed..As confused as i was and bothered with all these problems I just didn’t know nor understand it was the food causing me all this. So I made an appt. with my doctor here comes the diagnosis eat food easier to digest and move more often, other than that everything looks good and i am healthy.

I was confused ,annoyed also started to have skin problems and felt depressed.I started to have an idea it was food and started searching about all my symptoms but during this process i was scared to eat food, really scared so i kind of stopped eating many things. I was just listening to my body see how it reacted to what i consumed.When you scared to eat and stop eating many things that ends up with lack of nutrition.

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