Vitamin D

Do we have enough vitamin D in our system? Well in my case I didn’t know I had vitamin d deficiency until a few years ago, when I was struggling with gluten allergy issues I went for a blood test and there it was.The underlying issue with gluten allergy and digestion is not only about  having problems digesting the food we eat but also getting the vitamins and nutrients from the food we consume.  If we don’t get good amount of sunlight, if you work in an office all day lets face it we don’t get enough.So what do we need to do, answer is simple more sunlight and of course supplements.

Some symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are weakened immune system, tiredness, general aches and pains, weakness, weight gain,anxiety,you may also have frequent infections. If you think you may have vitamin D deficiency talk to your physician and have a blood test to check your vitamin D levels.My recommendation on which supplement to take is Solgar  or if you want you can just stop by any pharmacy and pick up the Sundown Naturals brand. I take 1000 IU  once a day in the morning.





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