Vitamins do we really need them,yes we do. Why do we need them? Well, many of us living busy lives always on the run, racing against time to complete the tasks of the day.

Most of us don’t have the time to have a healthy snack or even a meal during our busy days.Especially if we are in the beginning stages of healing our bodies from the fight they went through when we were consuming the food products (gluten) without our knowledge that they were actually harmful to us. I have tried many different brands and as I stated in my previous post Garden of Life is one of the best brands on the market.My other favorite brand is Now Foods Products but I will write about their products another day.

I take two before I leave my house in the morning and I take another two pills before dinner at night.I don’t recommend once a day vitamins of any brand because we need vitamins in our system to work all day and our bodies cant even absorb the whole amount of ingredients of the pill at once, so separating the dosage during the day help us to use most of the good stuff 🙂  instead of taking one pill a day which is not going to give us what we really need. Garden of Life Vitamins are available online on many different websites and I usually purchase them at the Vitamin Shoppe online store they are really fast on shipping their products.



First supplement that was very helpful for me Probiotics. There are many different brands but from my trials ,I came to the conclusion that  Garden of Life is the best one.

I suggest starting a low dose and once a day .You can also get your probiotic needs met through consuming probiotic-rich foods like; Yogurt,Kefir,Sauerkraut,Kimchi,Kombucha are some good examples.

Probiotics are important  bacteria that line our digestive tract and support our body’s ability to fight infections,boosting our immune system,improve our digestive system and really big help to lose weight.




Today I want to give some information about the food choices.Since I was really having a hard time to figure out which food I can consume or not.At first I started experimenting with different variety of vegetables  and all of them agreed with me,what a relief.

The next step was to start introducing different kinds of protein, we need protein right! At first I had a problem digesting red meat so I tried fish and chicken(lentils are also a great source of protein) they were fine easy to digest. What about carbohydrates,back then no gluten meant not many options,  now we have plenty 🙂 so I mainly had potatoes and rice I wanted to keep my diet simple and clean. The best part was the fruits, I ate lots of them yummy 🙂

It is always good to take your time to introduce different types of food and even better to write down your reactions to that specific food.

After feeling sick and not knowing why, gaining weight feeling emotionally drained now it is time to fix all this. Now we know we need to eat clean and keep it simple, but we also need extra help to feel better and heal faster, that’s when supplements come in.

I am back!

First of all I want to apologize for being absent for a long time I was dealing with some personal issues but now I am here yay 🙂

Where were we being stuck at the desk job 9-5 and struggling with allergies.I want to say that you are your own best doctor.So after I stopped consuming many things especially processed food and I only ended up eating mostly mashed potato any type of protein and vegetables.

I was still so scared to eat many things kept introducing different types of food and kept listening to my body see how it responded.I suggest to everyone to do the same it is the best way to clean your system, a kind of detox or eating clean.

Gluten allergy could be so hard to diagnose, talking from experience and it can come up at any age in my case after the age of 30 and let me tell you I love baked goods in any shape or form 🙂 In the upcoming days I will be going into more detailed information, plus  couple of supplements which helped me in my journey.